Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Own Evolution - Conflictions

When I was a young girl living in Italy in the 1970's, we had a reel-to-reel tape player and no television. Why have a television when you didn't understand the language of the broadcasting networks?

Anyway, I loved listening to the music my parents had collected, they are avid listeners, and we grew up with quite a variety. One of my favorite songs was the Unicorn Song by The Irish Rovers (lyrics) .

The fact that it was a bible story imbued song did not cross my mind at all, I loved singing the chorus with my mom. I mean, who doesn't like singing 'Humpty-backed camels and some chimpanzees'?

To come to the point, we also had the Life Nature Library on the shelves in our living room. I poured over these books. The wonders they held were outstandingly diagrammed and photographed, my sponge of a young mind boggled at the contents. I didn't understand many of the words at first, but I 'read' them cover to cover many times; since then I have really read them thoroughly, and they sit on my shelf of research books that always tend to be nestled next to my computer and writing area.

Now early on, I wondered about how all of the animals I knew as modern animals, like those in that blasted children's illustrated bible's story of Noah, lions, tigers and bears (oh, my) were on the ark, and those who are on the fossil record were very different indeed. Furthermore, those animals were not on the ark at all. What the hey?
I struggled to reconcile the differences, they bugged me. When I was in late childhood/early adolescence, I said this to my mom;
"How about this, the bible says man is created in god's image, but some books say that we come from apes (I now know the distinction between descending from and evolving along with, which I didn't know then), so maybe god looks like an ape, and we have just changed since Adam's time."
I was serious, and my mom knew it. She said simply,
"That is blasphemy."
It was the first time I'd heard that word. It wasn't to be my last.
I am certain that the last time I heard it won't be the last time either hehe.
Ah, well. Thunderstorms are coming closer, and I'm shutting down. I love to watch a good storm.
More to come, don't waste that day of yours!


Silvia said...

We _love_ the Unicorn song. :)

Dr. Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, M.D. said...

Not so fast, my brudda. There IS a God... if you'd just quit worrying so much about the whorizontal. If not that, if you don't have time, c'est la guerre. One of these will come first: either you shall croak AND your indelible soul will rise-up to meet his Maker -OR- the Warning shall come from Heaven Above AND you will know there is a God. Don't be like Lenin who was so ashamed at his lifelong demise, when asked by Jesus if he wanted to enter into Paradise, Lenin sed 'No' and descended into the filth of Hell for eternity. Meet me in Heaven, dude, and we'll have beer till they're running o'heer. God bless you.